National park Krka is a wide, mostly non modified area of exquisite and multiple natural values, and it includes one or more conserved or slightly changed ecological systems.

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 National park Krka was proclaimed in 1985. and it is the seventh National park of Croatia. It is entirely situated on the area of Šibenik-Knin county, and it includes size of 109 km2 by the flow of river Krka: 2 km downstream of Knin to Skradin and the down flow of the river Čikola.

With the drowned part of the estuary it is long about 72,5 km and by the length it is the second river in Croatia. The river Krka rises in the footage of mountain Dinara, 3,5 km north-east of Knin under 22 metres high Topoljski waterfall,The big waterfall or Krčić slap in the winter noisy and in the summer without water.

With its seven tuff barriers and its total fall of 242 m Krka is a natural and a karstic phenomena.


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